WIdya, a young indonesian woman was infected by the COVID-19 and has to be separated with her new born son, Kenzy. The camera follows her struggle during her stay in the isolation station.
(Episode 3 & 4)

Station of Hope Episode 1 – THE YEAR ZERO
Station of Hope Episode 2 – THE UNSUNG HEROES
Station of Hope Episode 3 – A LONG TRANSIT
Station of Hope Episode 4 – THE DISTANT EXIT

Station of Hope Episode 5 – THE MOTHER’S DREAM
Lisa Yulita, a 24-year-old Indonesian mother from a poor family in Jakarta, Indonesia was a COVID-19 patient and isolated for one month at hospital RSUD Cengkareng separated from her newborn baby. This documentary shows her daily life after she has been reunited with her baby and husband and how she continues her life.
Edited by Adhitya Daniel / Music by Ashrie Farisy
(updated) In May 2023 Lisa Yulita Veranti died at the same hospital (RSUD Cengkareng) due to her tuberculosis illness. She survived two daughters and her husband.
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